Digital Education & Innovation Lab


Bringing Education Into Focus

The DEIL provides a collaborative learning space for faculty, researchers, designers, production staff, and students to create new digital programs, experiment with digital tools and platforms, explore media production capabilities and discover new pedagogical techniques. The lab offers access to digital education resources and emerging practices in the field. DEIL provides a campus resource for the creation of new digital programs, courses and content. DEIL supports knowledge sharing across U-M to enrich our community and accelerate collaborative experiments on the cutting edge of teaching and learning.

Learning Design, Media, and Project Mgmt

Assessment & Evaluation

Learning Analytics

Market Research, Strategy, and Social

Accessibility, Policy, and Copyright

The DEIL Roadmap

  • The History of DEIL

    In 2012 The University of Michigan began its involvement in the Massive Online Open Course phenomenon with the course “Model Thinking.” In order to support the creation of MOOCs, a dedicated team of experts was hired by U-M to facilitate the design and delivery process. In 2014, as U-M’s portfolio of activities and exploration into the MOOC space had grown and intentionally evolved to incorporate the residential experience, Digital Education & Innovation, now Academic Innovation, was created with the DEIL housed within.

  • Now

    Partnering with faculty and staff across U-M, DEIL is helping to experiment with new pedagogies and technologies, challenge assumptions, and create new models while acting as a hub for innovators on campus. Through the Academic Innovation Fund, DEIL continues to expand its capabilities to help these innovators develop and grow successful initiatives to transform education.

  • Long Term Goal

    In 2017 DEIL will have transformed at least 200 courses for pre-college, residential, and lifelong learners. DEIL will continue to demonstrate a dedication to shaping the future of learning and redefining residential education.

Digital Learning

Lauren Atkins Budde, Project Manager, Digital Learning Initiatives

Stephanie Haley, Engagement & Iteration Manager

Noni Korf, Director, Digital Education & Innovation Lab

David Lawrence-Lupton, MicroMasters Program Manager

Dave Malicke, Project Manager, Digital Learning Initiatives

Bryon Maxey, Project Coordinator, Digital Learning Initiatives

James Park, Project Coordinator, Digital Learning Initiatives

Rebecca Quintana, Learning Experience Designer

Jen Vetter, Project Manager, Digital Learning Initiatives

Steve Welsh, Learning Experience Designer

Media & Production

Cy Abdelnour, Instructional Media Specialist

André Barbour, Assistant Instructional Media Specialist

Alex Hancook, Instructional Media Specialist

Tim O’Brien, Manager, Digital Media and Education Platforms

Sean Patrick, Senior Instructional Media Specialist

Michael Skib, Instructional Media Specialist


Kati Bauer, Sr. Counselor to the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation

Mike Daniel, Director of Policy and Operations

Eric Joyce, Marketing Specialist

Erin McCann, Associate Director of Marketing

Trevor Parnell, Events and Marketing Specialist