Megan Taylor

Megan Taylor

Research Associate

Role: Megan is working to create and develop pre-college outreach and preparation programming in personalized and scalable ways using digital tools. Megan explores how the Digital Innovation Greenhouse (DIG) can use interactive educational technology to make a positive impact with pre-college learners. Megan collaborates with staff across Academic Innovation and the University of Michigan to draw on existing digital tools, and re-imagine how these tools may be employed for broad use with pre-college populations and the entities that serve them.

Experience: Megan’s research is on the relationship between rurality and higher education. In her honor’s thesis, she explored how rural student pathways to, and attainment of, higher education are impacted by the challenges and strengths of rurality. Megan traveled across Northern Michigan to develop relationships with teachers, guidance counselors and students at rural schools to learn more about the realities of rural education. Megan now hopes to leverage these relationships and this knowledge as she explores how to transform scalable and personalized pre-college outreach and preparation initiatives to make them accessible and equitable.


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science and the Arts