Envisioning an Anti-Racist World Creative Challenge

How do you imagine a vision for an Anti-Racist World (campus, community, neighborhood, city, state, country), that truly embodies the ideals of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice for the future? In line with the work many members of the University’s community have been doing, and that has come into sharp focus in recent months with calls for action throughout the country and world, the Envisioning an Anti-Racist World Creative Challenge invites students to imagine a future world--and a future campus-- that is anti-racist.  We invite you to research and share ideas while contributing to probing conversations and sharing experiences about racial inequality and the complex history of white supremacy as a process of imagining the world we want to build at UM.

Students can join as individuals then form interdisciplinary teams through the challenge process to take on the semester-long challenge. Taking forward the core DEI values of the University and its community, teams will design the future, asking: 

  • How would you envision the world you want to build?
  • What issue do you want to resolve?
  • What societal impact do you want to make?

Info Session

Event Title: Envisioning an Anti-Racist World Creative Challenge: Information Session 

See recording of info session below

Challenge Application