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Flipping the Legal Practice Classroom: Academic Innovators Series

By flipping the legal practice classroom Nancy Vettorello, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, and Beth Wilensky, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, provide students with the opportunity to engage directly in material during class time while also providing them with learning materials that can also serve as reference points throughout their careers.

A Conversation About Copyright and MOOCs

Raven Lanier, a rising second-year Michigan Law School student, joined Academic Innovation as our Copyright Fellow to help streamline our own internal copyright processes. We believe the breadth of this position gives Raven a unique perspective on the initiatives and so we recently asked her to share her thoughts on copyright and how it plays a role in academic innovation.

A Deep Dive into Learning Analytics: LASI 2016 Conference Recap

From June 27-29 2016, over 100 individuals convened at U-M for the annual Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI). The three-day event focused on understanding and exploring learning analytics in higher education, from both a research and implementation perspective, in order to shape pedagogical practices and improve the learning experience for faculty and students.