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Helping Faculty Navigate Copyright in their MOOCs

Empowering faculty with knowledge in this area while supporting copyright awareness will result in more engaging and powerful U-M MOOCs, more robust pedagogical experimentation, and legal remixing and reuse of digital content across a variety of on-campus and online courses.

Why gameful? Why GradeCraft?

This is about designing environments where students are encouraged to focus less on their final grades, and more on the craft of learning; where they are motivated to face down the very real struggles of mastering challenging new material, but persist day after day and are able to see progress; where they take responsibility for their learning, and make self-aware choices regarding how they can best learn and be assessed on their development of content mastery.

Learning From Experience

It’s all a little less scary if we take a step back and think about what it is we’re really doing – learning from experience, understanding the past. Educators don’t learn about the past to predict the future; we learn about the past to change the future.

Introducing DEI’s New Blog

From the beginning, DEI has sought out answers to the following question: what is only possible at a great public residential research university? We decided early on that part of being a public institution is making a commitment to share our journey as we go. And we already have much to share.