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A Reboot of Introduction to HTML5

When the MOOC, Introduction to HTML5 launched in 2015, it became a place for learners to explore into the practical, foundational concepts of web design. Its goal was to help learners uncover the “mystery” behind the Internet; jump into coding; and become familiar with the important but often overlooked concepts of validation and accessibility. Now, a revised version has been released for today’s learning community.

Gallery Tool Unlocks Peer Feedback Possibilities for MOOC Learners

Academic Innovation team members, James Park and Rebecca Quintana, discuss the collaborative creation of the Gallery Tool, designed by our office to use in MOOCs to allow learners to share text- or image-based work with other learners in an easy and open manner, with the opportunity to receive robust feedback on their work from other learners.

The Big Idea: Rethinking Residential Undergraduate Education at Michigan

Barry Fishman, Faculty Innovator-in-Residence @barryfishman The strength of a research university—like the University of Michigan—lies in its broad resources and deep expertise across multiple areas of inquiry. This breadth and depth powers the research university’s ability to create societal value; to serve as an engine for discovery and knowledge creation. The work of a great […]