Entries by Trevor Parnell

Recapping the 2019 Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference

Yuanru Tan and Wenfei Yan share their reflections from the 9th International Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK) Conference, where Yuanru presented on cross-platform research conducted with colleague Rebecca Quintana on learner interactions within MOOC discussion forums. Wenfei presented on learner engagement patterns in Teach-Outs, a project she collaborated on with her co-authors.

Using Simulation to Develop Leaders

David Nesbitt, software portfolio manager, shares about the collaboration between Academic Innovation and the Sanger Leadership Center that led to the implementation of ViewPoint in Sanger’s Leadership Crisis Challenge.

A Reboot of Introduction to HTML5

When the MOOC, Introduction to HTML5 launched in 2015, it became a place for learners to explore into the practical, foundational concepts of web design. Its goal was to help learners uncover the “mystery” behind the Internet; jump into coding; and become familiar with the important but often overlooked concepts of validation and accessibility. Now, a revised version has been released for today’s learning community.