206 – Masks

In this episode, AyLaina describes the miracle of her family, past and present, and gives advice on how to hold down and advance in a job. She journeys through the multiple roles she has held as a woman, mother, daredevil, poet, wife, and formerly incarcerated person. Each has come with particular stigmas, and their intersection is not always easy to navigate, but AyLaina shows us how to honor all parts of yourself in order to find peace

205 – Good Vibrations

In this episode, Kevin’s ambition and positive outlook shines. He talks about his lowest points, experiencing homelessness and working four jobs in a strange city. These experiences strongly informed Kevin’s entrepreneurial spirit. He walks us through his upbringing, from his fraught relationship with his parents to his struggles with ADD. Cycling in and out of jail was tough, but Kevin provides insight into goal setting and Buddhist practices that can help turn your life around

204 – Who Wouldn’t Serve a God Like That

In this episode, Hazelette tells stories of her daughter’s adoption and the life she’s been able to lead since coming home over 30 years ago. Every decision was guided by her God, and it has led her to great joy; Hazelette talks about her passion for spiritual music and her identity as a singer, and says that finding this joy is key to creating a home for yourself.

203 – Tribe

“In this episode, Alan shares his love for art with his Anishinaabe community. He describes his various encounters with the police since coming home, and talks about the joys of tinkering with his new house. A master of all trades, Alan weaves his time inside, the native community, children, his dog and the police together through the lens of a budding artist and a love for tattoos.
Content warning: this episode contains stories of policing.

202 – Mr. and Ms. So-and-So

In this episode, Romando discusses what it means to be somebody, inside and outside the walls. He advises those coming home and their families to communicate clearly about their needs. He tells us the story of his arrest as a veteran suffering from PTSD, and his decision to cut off his addictions while incarcerated. Maltreatment in the prison has caused Romando partial blindness since coming home, but he talks about leaning on his newfound faith in Islam to find community and hope.

201 – To All My Sisters

In this episode, Toni talks to women and survivors everywhere. She shares what she has learned about trauma and informed practices of healing and dealing with triggers. She advises fellow survivors on how to focus on themselves and speaks directly to her daughter, discussing who she wants to be as a mother and the hope she sees for her family.

108 – A Part of Everybody’s Movement

In this episode, Asia reflects on the ways in which life outside can sometimes feel like incarceration all over again. Despite her struggle to find housing, she relishes in the freedom of being untethered—to place or person—and speaks of the hope she feels in the air when she writes for social change.

107 – It Wasn’t For Nothing

In this episode, Jonathan wrestles with the notion of “telling”–whether to reveal his past, and the effects of that on his present relationships. He speaks of his dogged persistence in getting to where he is today, from saving money by riding a bike to teaching himself coding from textbooks. Through all this shines his gratitude and enthusiasm for the challenge of his new career.

106 – A Good, Normal Person

In this episode, Martin paints his world with words, describing his life now as a sanctuary and a gift. He shares the story of his marriage and its connection to the incredible personal transformation he worked through in preparation to come home. From growing up inside the carceral state to bucking peer pressure and living a more authentic life, Martin built himself into his best self: a good, normal person.