107 – It Wasn’t For Nothing

In this episode, Jonathan wrestles with the notion of “telling”–whether to reveal his past, and the effects of that on his present relationships. He speaks of his dogged persistence in getting to where he is today, from saving money by riding a bike to teaching himself coding from textbooks. Through all this shines his gratitude and enthusiasm for the challenge of his new career.

106 – A Good, Normal Person

In this episode, Martin paints his world with words, describing his life now as a sanctuary and a gift. He shares the story of his marriage and its connection to the incredible personal transformation he worked through in preparation to come home. From growing up inside the carceral state to bucking peer pressure and living a more authentic life, Martin built himself into his best self: a good, normal person.

105 – A Woman, A Warrior, A Survivor

In this episode, Billy describes the difficulty of repairing her relationship with her daughter. She also speaks of her quest to make reparations through her addiction counseling services, and talks about the discrimination she’s survived since coming home using skills she learned on the inside.

104 – I Just Laugh

In this episode, Aaron guides us through his journey home using food as a metaphor, from his time inside to his first jobs as a line cook, to his two stone fire pizza ovens at home now. He laughs off stories of social snafu from his first months out and provides addiction-specific advice for colleagues in recovery.

103 – From the Desert to the Ocean

In this episode, Aaron candidly considers the psycho-emotional effects of reentry on the brain, body, and soul. He recounts his quest for emotional intelligence and its effects on his marriage, and how education became his job. Finally, he shares some tips to help those inside prepare for reentry.

102 – Transient People

In this episode, Cozine traces the influence of his upbringing on his identity and shares his love of learning. Part of his learning growth on the outside is in self definition: though he shares with us music, poetry, and modern physics, he doesn’t yet know who he is–or which friends are around to stay. Cozine talks about the difficulty of these transient people, and tells stories of his rocky relationship with his father.

101 – What is Understood Need Not Be Explained

In this episode, Mary describes her homecoming as a bittersweet process, from the gravestones she visited to her ideas on independence, her triumphs as an artist, and the love she had for her first job at Meijer. She also tells stories about the joy and terror of new entertainment technology, and the profound and freeing sense of mobility that still influences her today when she travels with her wife.