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Predicting Short-Term and Long-Term Success from MOOC Engagement


In this talk, Ryan Baker will discuss his group’s work to study the relationship between engagement and success in online learning in massive online open courses (MOOCs). His group looks both at the now-standard metric of course completion but also at participation in the community of practice after completing the course. Participants will examine variables related to discussion forum participation and interaction with both other students and with course materials as factors predictive of student achievement.

Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker is Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and Director of the Penn Center for Learning Analytics. His lab conducts research on engagement and robust learning within online and blended learning, seeking to find actionable indicators that can be used today but which predict future student outcomes. Baker has developed models that can automatically detect student engagement in over a dozen online learning environments, and has led the development of an observational protocol and app for field observation of student engagement that has been used by over 150 researchers in 4 countries. He was the founding president of the International Educational Data Mining Society, is currently serving as Associate Editor of three journals, and the first technical director of the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center DataShop, the world’s largest public repository for data on the interactions between learners and online learning environments. Baker has co-authored published papers with over 250 colleagues.


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