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This event has been canceled due to weather conditions. Event will be rescheduled with details shared as soon as possible.


Collaborative problem solving is one of the 21st century skills that are important for both academic and career success. In this talk, Jiangang Hao will introduce efforts towards developing a standardized assessment for collaborative problem solving skills, outlining the major challenges, presenting our strategies, demonstrating a prototype-task and showing some preliminary findings. Jiangang will also show a web-based platform we have developed for large-scale collaborative learning & assessment and introduce our efforts towards assessment analytics for game/simulation-based assessments.

Jiangang HaoJiangang Hao is a research scientist at the Computational Psychometrics Research Center at Educational Testing Service. His current research centers on collaborative problem solving, game and simulation-based assessment, educational data mining & analytics, and automated scoring. He is co-leading the infrastructure sub-initiative of the game, simulation and collaboration initiative at ETS, and is the principal investigator of several research projects at ETS for designing simulation-based assessments, web-based platform for collaborative assessments and data analytics packages for game-based assessments. Jiangang obtained his Ph.D. in Physics and MA in Statistics, both from the University of Michigan. Prior to joining in ETS, he was working on modeling and mining Terabyte-scale data in astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He works extensively on data mining and machine learning, statistical modeling and inference, data standardization and data model schema design for big data. Jiangang published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals with over 2300 total citations. He created several widely used packages in Python and C++ for educational data analytics, astronomical digital image analysis, and statistical modeling. His work has been reported by leading technology websites, such as Wired and MIT Technology Review.


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