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Join AIM Analytics as we host J D Freeman from Unizin as he discusses analytics initiatives at Unizin, including:

  • The recently launched readiness assessment
  • The formation of standing analytics teams at each member campus
  • Upcoming demonstration at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) conference
  • A collaborative analytics knowledge base
  • Pilot programs with vendors across the consortium
  • Potential LTI integrations for the Canvas LMS
  • The pooled, de-identified data warehouse
J D Freeman is the Principal Data Scientist for Unizin, a partnership of like-minded universities, including the University of Michigan, that connects and develops educational technologies and supports data-driven cultures that engage, inform and expand best practices.  Unizin is his second edtech organization.  As the son of a university professor and administrator, he is proud to be part of the growing movement of data science for social good. He has previously spent 8 months embedded inside a large public school district, building analytics to improve student outcomes, prescribe interventions, detect students at risk, and identify career aptitudes, all while overseeing the development of software solutions to seamlessly integrate student information (SIS) and learning management systems (LMS).  He has a 15-year track record of helping Fortune 500 companies and global multinational corporations to save millions of dollars while improving efficiencies, reducing injuries, and increasing quality, often while coordinating efforts across time zones and language barriers. He is a sought-after speaker at data science meet-ups around the country, a published technical author, and a representative frequently trusted to explain technical issues to high stakes, mainstream audiences…including venture capitalists, c-suite executives, and government regulators. J D holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois (including an independent study of Taguchi Methods on log-normal distributions) and both a Master of Business Analytics and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University.


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