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Stefano Fiorini of Indiana University Bloomington will discuss both institutional and technological elements that transformed a data management and analysis team at Indiana University into an incubator for knowledge production and sharing, and data organization. Following a short history of the Bloomington Assessment and Research (BAR) group to highlight foundational elements of its capacity, Professor Fiorini will discuss and illustrate how a visualization tool, Tableau, has been used to transform data and information access from static to dynamic. Please RSVP.

Stefano Fiorini is a Social and Cultural Anthropologist with a background in the Natural Sciences. His work has involved multidisciplinary collaborations that involved working with biologists, ecologists, sociologists and political scientists, in projects that often included an applied dimension. He has published in various journals, among them American Anthropologist, the Journal of Applied Ecology and Human Organization. Since the turn of the century he has collaborated with Institutional Researchers, faculties and administrators for the benefit of Indiana University, recently receiving recognition from the Association of Institutional Research.



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