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This is part of the community-driven effort that is part of the Academic Innovation Initiative.

In an era in which active learning, student engagement and transformative education is increasingly discussed, it is crucial that educators understand the factors that foster greater student engagement and what is broadly referred to as student-centered learning. We then need to be able to effectively apply that knowledge to our work in the classroom. For the past 5 years, the speakers have been engaged in a collaborative effort leading a course transformation program at a large research intensive university. The transformations were guided by the motivational framework of self-determination theory. The speakers will share the motivational principles underlying successful transformations in higher education as well as the associated research evidence. An extension of this project is currently funded by the Department of Education as part of the First-in-the-World federal initiative.

Dr. Chantal Levesque-Bristol – Director of the Center for Instructional Excellence at Purdue University
Dr. George HollichAssociate Professor of Psychology, and past IMPACT Faculty Fellow at Purdue University

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The Foundational Course Initiative Seminar Series features high-profile speakers who have extensive experience leading the transformation of foundational courses to incorporate innovative technologies, research-based pedagogies, systematic assessment strategies and novel approaches to supporting the success of diverse students at scale.


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