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Event Details

Have you taken or are you considering taking a massive open online course (MOOC)? What do you look for? What information is important to you when choosing an online course?

Digital Education & Innovation (DEI), in partnership with with SOCHI, is hosting a design jam on creating an experience for learners to explore MOOCs or other open learning opportunities offered by U-M. DEI invites any student with interest or experience with open learning to participate. Design jams are a great opportunity to practice and learn new skills, network, and work with your peers.

We welcome all students to participate regardless of expertise. Students interested in human computer interaction and education might be particularly interested in this event. Current DEI employees, including developers involved in creating cutting edge education technologies, will be available to answer your questions, tell you more about DEI, and offer prompts for those wanting more guidance.

The Design Problem

Michigan has been a pioneer in digital learning and learning analytics and has reached more than 4 million lifelong learners through our massive open online courses (MOOCs) since joining Coursera as a founding partner in 2012. We also support many non-MOOC open learning opportunities, like Youth Civil Rights Academy, a website/program which aims to prepare a new generation of civil rights leaders. As a pioneer and leader in the MOOC space and beyond, we want to provide our learners around the world with an online experience where they can easily identify and enroll in U-M learning opportunities (including MOOCs). For this design jam we are interested in exploring the following questions:

  1. Is our perception of users’ needs accurate? What populations may we be missing?
  2. How do we connect the design of this page/tool to a core value proposition: that learning opportunities from U-M are of a uniquely high quality.
  3. What layout of information will provide the best experience to the most diverse range of users?
  4. How should users be able to sort/what taxonomies should be used or developed to facilitate user exploration? What shouldn’t be used?


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