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Northwestern Professor Liz Gerber will discuss the future of collective innovation as a part of the John Seely Brown Symposium on Technology and Society and as a part of the Academic Innovation Initiative Salon series.

Can we foresee a future of collective innovation in which there is broad participation from identification to ideation and ultimately implementation? This talk frames the major challenges that stand in the way of this goal. Drawing on theory from social computing and organizational theory, Dr. Gerber will outline a framework that will support collective innovation that is inclusive, collaborative, and comprehensive and highlight 5 challenge areas: Roles, Communication, Trust, Reputation, and Feedback.


Liz GerberLiz Gerber is a professor, designer, consultant and community leader who studies and designs organizations and technology to support collective innovation.

Collective innovation is a process that harnesses the diverse and untapped human, social, and economic capital from distributed networks to discover, evaluate, and implement new ideas. Open, ubiquitous, socio-technical systems support collective innovation affording greater speed and deeper and broader participation than was imaginable even a decade ago.

Dr. Liz Gerber serves as Founder of Design for America, Director of the Design Research Cluster, Associate Professor of Design in the Schools of Engineering and Communication, with courtesy appointments in the School of Management and Education and Social Policy at the Northwestern University. Dr. Gerber researches and designs technology and organizations to support innovation. Her work is generously funded by that National Science Foundation, Microsoft, and the MacArthur Foundation. She received her PhD and MS in Management Science and Engineering and Product Design from Stanford University. Learn more about Dr. Gerber and her work at www.lizgerber.com and connect with her on Twitter at @elizgerber.

A panel discussion will follow the talk at 2 p.m.

Silvia Lindtner, Assistant Professor, UMSI – Moderator
John Seely Brown, Deloitte Center for the Edge
Liz Gerber, Northwestern University
Dug Song, CEO Duo Security

Reception follows from 3:00-4:00 pm.

The John Seely Brown Symposium on Technology and Society is an annual UMSI-sponsored series that features thought leaders from the front lines of the digital world sharing their perspectives on the societal implications of new technology. The symposium is made possible through the generous support of its founding donor John Seely Brown.


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