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Event Details

Join us on Friday, June 2 from 2 to 3 p.m. at the Office of Academic Innovation space in the Hatcher Graduate Library (8th floor of Hatcher South) for a meeting of the Simulations Community of Practice.

The Simulations Community of Practice is an interdisciplinary group of U-M staff and faculty who meet periodically to discuss the development and implementation of simulation-based teaching tools. Participants explore the benefits and challenges of simulation activities, as well as share experiences and resources.

During this meeting, the group will work on 1) generating a “common language” for simulation pedagogy, 2) building a list of simulation activities that take place at U-M and 3) determining a transdisciplinary typology of U-M’s simulation activities.

All instructors and staff who create and/or facilitate simulation activities for the classroom, or who are interested in doing so, are welcome to attend.


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