Bridging the Talent and Opportunity Gap

As colleges and universities focus attention on student enrollment and affordability, we know that for many students access to a quality education remains a privilege. The Advancing Undergraduate Education Symposia Series explores the ways in which the University of Michigan can extend academic excellence while advancing equitable access and attainment to an undergraduate education. Throughout the year, the series will create spaces for conversations on collective work to cultivate the future of blended learning in higher education. Each session will explore the intersection of academic innovation, research and trends, emerging models and current practices with a panel of thought leaders, as well as include time for collaborative brainstorming with colleagues to tackle some of the access and opportunity challenges we face as an institution.  

Themes that will be discussed:

College Access
& Recruitment

College Readiness
& Preparedness

Pathways to the

Teaching &

Holistic Student

Career &
Lifelong Learning


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"Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not"