Software Applications

Academic Innovation software is used by faculty across U-M and has reached over 85% of U-M’s current students. It’s also used at other institutions around the the world. Our software is built collaboratively with instructional teams to solve big problems faced by students and faculty.

Below you’ll find details about our available software tools and the process for using them in your course. If you’re interested in using any of our tools, contact our team here.

We build software that aims to:

  • improve student outcomes
  • scale up innovative teaching solutions
  • combine technology with learning analytics
  • contribute to a culture of innovation in education
  • shape the future of teaching and learning

Atlas is an academic planning platform that displays data about the U-M curriculum to guide U-M students, instructors, and staff in decision-making.

ECoach is a personalized coaching tool that supports students in large courses, where one-on-one communication between instructors and students is otherwise impossible.

Gamut is a suite of LTI native tools that extend learning platforms to support richer pedagogy and instructional design.

GradeCraft is a learning management system that supports gameful instruction, a pedagogical approach inspired by techniques and methods found in well-designed games.

Lettersmith is a tool that helps people write professional communications.

Michigan Online is your destination for online learning opportunities created by the University of Michigan.

Problem Roulette helps students study by providing practice questions from previous exams in a points-free zone.

Tandem is a tailored tool that supports students and instructors with teamwork.

ViewPoint is a platform for creating and delivering role-playing simulations.

Build Software

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