David Corneail


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Communication Design, College for Creative Studies

David Corneail

Information Architect

Why I choose to work at Academic Innovation:

Being a first generation graduate, education is extremely important to me. I joined Academic Innovation because I believe in the mission and wanted to help build tools and services that provide greater access to learning and increase learning outcomes for all different types of students and learners.

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

As a User Experience Designer (UXD) on the Software Tools team within Academic Innovation, I am responsible for user research, visual design, and front-end development. As a UXD I work closely with behavioral scientists, data scientists, software developers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, design managers, and University student fellows, faculty, and staff. Our approach to design is human-centered and is built on iterative product development cycles where we ask questions like, “How Might We” and “Why, Why, Why, Why”.

Prior to joining Academic Innovation I worked in a variety of roles not just within the design industry but also service, hospitality, and general labor. I feel my previous experience in a variety of different roles and responsibilities gives me a unique perspective that still helps inform my solutions today.

I’m an active member of our national and local AIGA chapter and am currently an ESL tutor for Washtenaw Literacy.

Ask me to learn about:

I could talk at lengths about travel, data visualization, the origin of pointing hands, Bauhaus design theory, and often nerd out about beautiful type solutions and disruptive technology. If you’re interested in those areas let’s chat, if not – let’s chat anyways as I love meeting new people and learning about new things.

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