Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, The College of Wooster

Erik Barroso

Software Developer

Why I choose to work at Academic Innovation:

Growing up in Ann Arbor the University of Michigan’s presence was always around me. After college I wanted to get involved and contribute to the education community I had just been a part of. A.I. presented me the opportunity to join a fast pace startup environment surrounded by highly skilled peers at the institution of my dreams, how could I say no?

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

I am a developer working in the Software Tools team to reimagine the potential of educational technology. My day to day work centers around conceiving and implementing solutions to complex real-world problems. To ensure the best possible usability, functionality and presentation of our applications I get to work closely with user experience designers, behavioral scientists and data scientists. Before A.I. I attended college within Buckeye nation returning on sheer will alone to tell my story.

Ask me to learn about:

Through my ongoing home improvement project I have gotten pretty handy. I try to do as much work myself so I have learned a bit of the general contractor trade, specializing in demolition.

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