Associate’s Degree in Construction Management. Also certified UM mediator, trained to teach Intercultural Awareness, and am a bonded Notary. Certified to teach English as a second Language.

Kati Bauer

Sr. Counselor to the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation

Why I choose to work at Academic Innovation:
Academic Innovation is exciting, constantly evolving, moving in diverse and welcoming ways. We have the opportunity to change the world. Let’s do it!
Current Roles/Previous Experience:
For Academic Innovation, I currently lead the finance and human resource functions. I have worked for the University of Michigan for 43 years (third generation lifetime employee) and have done just about everything. I especially enjoy working with others, using my mediation skills, leading diversity, teaching, and mentoring new employees.
Ask me to learn about:
Diversity issues. Work negotiations/conflict resolution. ESL tutoring. Business Network International. Ann Arbor Rotary (service above self). Creating jewelry and quilts.

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