BA-Psychology University of Toledo

Marissa Reid

Student Program Coordinator

Why I choose to work at Academic Innovation:
I chose to work in Academic Innovation because I saw a tremendous opportunity to continue growing in a field I was passionate about while being immersed in new junctures. I was able to join a team that would allow me to take on a new role and transform it into something singular. My career has always been about progression, but not my own. I measure success by progression of my students and this role allows me to help with the transition from student to young professional. I can directly provide resources to build a students confidence and portfolio as the leave our office.
Current Roles/Previous Experience:
I am the Student Program Coordinator in the Center for Academic Innovation. Within my role my I am responsible for fostering community and engagement for all fellows entering the office and creating a new standard for how we structure the fellowship program here in the CAI. I consider my role to be a conduit between our teams and the overall office, and how we impact the student experience. I am here to act as a guide and lead fellows during their initial time with us. In the Center for Academic Innovation we intend for our fellows to get practical hands on experience within their field and have a true experiential learning experience. It is my goal to help students achieve this. I am the liaison between U-M schools and colleges, faculty members, and the Office of Academic Innovation. My work also revolves around developing various opportunities such as an alumni community that will connect Academic Innovation student alumni and current Academic Innovation student fellows, Ambassadors, and Engagement Chat’s with senior management.

Previously I was a Success Coach at the University of Toledo for five years . While there I was responsible for assisting and retaining over 800 students (domestic, international, and transfer) as they matriculated towards graduation and moved into a career. While doing this I found a passion in creating, implementing, and facilitating experiential learning events for students in an effort to build community engagement within the university. I initiated contact with local businesses in order to raise funds and donations for events and workshops. An additional part of my role was career exploration, I created career exploration surveys to gather data about undeclared students and direct them toward a program while monitoring student academic progress to ensure college program eligibility. As a coach I would say my greatest strength was utilizing creativity to coach students and parents through college-related experiences using a holistic approaches.

While at the University of Toledo I was also a First Year Experience/Orientation Instructor where I designed, delivered, and maintained lesson plans based on student needs and adjust accordingly throughout their first year.I connected students to campus resources collaborate with Athletic/Academic Advisers and utilized online learning tools such as Blackboard to ensure successful completion of the course.

Professional organizations:
Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education is the leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession. NASPA has a focus on development, advocacy, and research.
Ask me to learn about:
Glassblowing, Flamworking, Thaler and Sunstein theory on “Nudge” I presented on this at 3 conferences.

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