Master of Science in Information, UX Design and Research, School of Information, University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science in Information, Information Management and Information System, School of Management, Hefei University of Technology

Xuenan Xu

Postgraduate Fellow, User Experience Design

Why I choose to work at Academic Innovation:

I initially joined AI with the interest of applying my design skills to pedagogical tools to enhance learners’ study experience after taking a course from School of Education. During my internship, AI has been a supportive place for me to both apply my own knowledge, and to improve and learn from the project I worked on and the people I worked with. That’s how I decided to stay for another year working as a Post Graduate Student Fellow after graduation.

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

Xuenan is a User Experience Designer Post Graduate Fellow at Academic Innovation (AI), primarily focusing on online learning tools and the Michigan Tailoring System (MTS). By applying her UX design and research skills, she collaborates with members across the office to design educational tools to enhance teaching and learning experiences for instructors and learners. Prior to joining AI as a full-time staff member, Xuenan was a User Experience Design Student Fellow at AI for a year (2018-2019). During that period, she worked on the UX research and design of Michigan Online, online tools and GradeCraft.

Ask me to learn about:

UX design and research methodology
How to use Sketch + InVision app
Film photography

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