Elly Daftuar

Media Designer

Role: Elly collaborates with faculty and design teams in the design and development of content to enhance the interactivity and engagement in digital learning initiatives, in both online and residential environments. Elly draws on her media experience to envision creative approaches for content delivery. Additionally, she produces videos that document faculty motivations, institutional goals and project outcomes to highlight and inspire continued pedagogical experimentation for the benefit of the U-M community and beyond.

Experience: Before working in the Office of Academic Innovation, Elly supported engaged learning activities at the U-M Duderstadt Center, and designed a range of multimedia work highlighting exemplary teaching styles in non-traditional classrooms. During that time, she built and maintained world-class recording studios, explored new digital publication platforms and eventually became the Director of the Duderstadt Center Design Labs. She hones her production skills through her many hobbies, and records music in her spare time.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design