Sarah Dysart

Director, Online & Hybrid Programs

Role: Sarah provides strategic and operational guidance and support to academic units as they design, develop, launch, and evaluate new innovative online and hybrid programs. She coordinates planning, internal and external approval, development, implementation, support, and oversight of new online and hybrid programs, prototyping the process along the way in an effort to increase institutional knowledge and capacity. Sarah also leads a campus-wide community of practitioners who focus on administration of online and hybrid programs.

Experience: Sarah was the director of online learning at Loyola University Chicago prior to joining AI. In that role, she was responsible for overseeing the online academic programming offered throughout the university. Previously, she worked in Loyola Chicago’s faculty center, creating professional development opportunities for faculty learning to teach in online and hybrid environments. Sarah's expertise includes increasing stakeholders’ self-efficacy and capability for offering online programming, and in expanding and enhancing support for online students. Her research focuses on how preparing to teach online impacts instructors’ teaching beliefs, intentions, and practices.


Master of Arts in Learning Technologies, University of Michigan School of Education
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan College of Engineering