Dave Malicke

Operations Lead

Role: As Operations Lead in the Office of Academic Innovation, Dave works closely with the Director of Academic Innovation Policy and Operations, and all Academic Innovation teams, to develop and refine the underlying social, technical and process infrastructure required to meet Academic Innovations’s growing project and administrative needs. His areas of focus include internal project management, human resources, documentation and record keeping, student mentorship, and optimizing internal and external collaboration processes.

Experience: Dave was previously a Project Manager in the Digital Education and Innovation Lab (DEIL), where he managed the production and launch of more than 20 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Prior to joining Academic Innovation, Dave worked with the University of Michigan Medical School's Open.Michigan Initiative. At Open.Michigan, Dave collaborated with faculty members to create, publish and promote a variety of digital learning materials, including: residential learning modules, wikibooks, open textbooks, open educational resources, mobile applications and massive open online courses. Before his work at U-M, Dave worked for a number of Global Ad Agencies on General Motors accounts.

Master of Science in Information, University of Michigan, School of Information
Bachelor of Business Administration, Siena Heights University
Associate of Media and Communications Arts, Macomb Community College