We design and build software to scale innovative teaching solutions and improve student outcomes on campus. Below we’ll share available software tools, a little bit of information into why you might want to use that particular tool, and information regarding who to contact to explore using these in your course.

Tool When/Where/Why Faculty Might Want to Use It Contact Information
ART 2.0
  • Encourage students to be informed about what courses are available, what taking them may be like, and how other students have completed their majors
David Nesbitt (nesbitt@umich.edu)
  • To provide more personalized guidance to learners about how to take a course, in particular, large lecture-oriented courses
Holly Derry (hderry@umich.edu), David Nesbitt (nesbitt@umich.edu)
  • To give students choice amongst their assignments/assessments
  • To provide more transparency around their grading scheme
Evan Straub (evanstr@umich.edu)

David Nesbitt (nesbitt@umich.edu)

Problem Roulette
  • To provide learners lots of practice answering multiple-choice style questions in preparation for exams or to master course content
David Nesbitt (nesbitt@umich.edu)
  • To engage students in “Write to Learn” activities
  • To engage students in peer review of each other’s writing
  • To gather data about student “Writing to Learn” performance
Larissa Sano (llubomud@umich.edu),

Anne Gere (argere@umich.edu), or Ginger Shultz (gschultz@umich.edu)

  • To run role-playing simulations around complex decision-making processes
David Nesbitt (nesbitt@umich.edu),

Liz Gerber (ergerber@umich.edu)

  • To help students work successfully in long-standing teams
  • To teach learners teamwork skills
  • To gather information about the dynamics of each team
David Nesbitt (nesbitt@umich.edu),

Molly Maher (mmarymol@umich.edu)

Gallery Tool
  • To facilitate peer feedback on assignments
  • To provide learners with a place to explore other students’ visual, written, video, or audio work
David Nesbitt (nesbitt@umich.edu)
Michigan Online Content
  • To give students supplemental resources on a topic
  • To flip a course
  • To move part of a course fully online
Syed Amaanullah (amaan@umich.edu),

Rachel Niemer (rkniemer@umich.edu)