• Bachelor of Fine Arts, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan

Eleanor Daftuar

Media Designer, Sr.

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation:

I have a great affinity for self-guided learning, cinematography, audio recording, and graphic design. My work as a Media Designer encompasses all of these things on a daily basis. The Center for Academic Innovation portfolio is becoming vast, and everyone is working on wildly different projects—I learn something new every day from my colleagues.”

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

Elly works with instructors and design teams to develop media content that enriches digital learning initiatives and she produces video, audio, and graphics to share knowledge with global audiences.

Before working in the Center for Academic Innovation, Elly supported engaged learning activities at the U-M Duderstadt Center, and designed a range of multimedia work highlighting exemplary teaching styles in non-traditional classrooms. During that time, she operated cameras for theater productions, recorded complex musical performances, and maintained world-class recording studios. She also explored new digital publication platforms, designed print media, developed websites, and managed the Duderstadt Center Design Labs. Prior to working at the Duderstadt Center, Elly offered portable lecture capture solutions in classrooms across U-M’s campus.

Ask me to learn about:
    • Recording and performing rock music
    • Typography
    • Creative writing
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