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  • Associate’s Degree, Applied Science Computer Programming, Washtenaw Community College
  • Associate’s Degree, English, Chengde University

Hongyun Theros

Budget and Finance Lead

Why I Choose to Work at Academic Innovation:

Academic Innovation is on the forefront of creating learning experiences that are global and lifelong. I chose to work at Academic Innovation because I want to be part of a team that shapes the future of learning and help make knowledge accessible to everyone around the world. Someday, I would love to see all online courses offered freely to whoever has the desire to learn!

Current Roles/Previous Experience:

The Budget and Finance Lead works closely with all members of Academic Innovation to build and manage financial budget models at the office, program and project levels. An essential task of this role is the monthly review of statement activity in comparison to the budget, and the subsequent discussion of variances with key stakeholders within AI. Hongyun worked at the University of Michigan Library Deans Finance Office as a senior budget analyst prior to this position, and has over eleven and a half years of experience working in the finance field.

Ask me to learn about:
    • Learning Mandarin Chinese