Innovations in Public Engagement

In October 2017, President Mark Schlissel called on the University of Michigan faculty to expand their public engagement efforts and:

    • share the value of their research more broadly
    • demonstrate the value of higher education, and in particular, the value of the investment the State of Michigan has made in the University
    • increase the impact of their scholarship by engaging diverse publics, including policymakers, in dialogue.

Public Engagement

Because of our work experimenting in creating dialogue between scholars and the public through the U-M Teach-Out Series, the Center for Academic Innovation was named as one of the units charged with increasing faculty public engagement across campus. We have focused on

    • Applying design and innovation frameworks, and technology, to foster conversations and catalyze collaborations between scholars and diverse publics,
    • Building skills and capacity to help scholars to engage with the public more effectively, and
    • Accelerating innovation in public engagement by connecting units and individuals doing different kinds of public engagement with one another 

Contact us to join us in expanding the connections between the University and the public, or explore our work more deeply.

two people in studio recording teach-out

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