Conduct Research

We invite faculty from across U-M to join us in conducting educational research. Our team includes experts in learning analytics, educational motivation, behavioral science, and higher education. We welcome Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) proposals to establish new projects. We are able to offer two types of support to selected mission-aligned initiatives: financial support, and effort from our in-house efforts (called ‘in-kind’ support). We also facilitate access to the datasets stewarded by the Center and consult on how to use and interpret the various student records available to use in research projects. 

If you are interested in exploring a more in-depth research partnership with CAI, including conducting research across the online learning portfolio, leveraging one of our custom educational technologies, or collaborating with our team of educational researchers, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation to discuss opportunities. You can also learn more about our current research interests on our Educational Research & Learning Analytics page.