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Who We Are

Academic Innovation is a strategic priority for the University of Michigan. Through curricular innovation, educational data and research, and tools for learning, Academic Innovation aims to shape the future of learning and redefine public residential education at a 21st century research university by unlocking new opportunities for the University of Michigan community and learners around the world. University of Michigan has over 100 grad programs in the top 10, over 260 degree programs, more than 540,000 alumni worldwide and is the #1 public research university in the US (U-M Facts & Figures).

Who You Are

You are an intellectually curious, creative problem solver. You lead by listening, by collaborating, and by encouraging. You challenge yourself and your collaborators to think about risk while identifying pathways to maximize impact and enable excellence. You have experience taking an initial concept and helping an organization and community to realize its potential.

There are no fellowships available at this time

Working in the Center for Academic Innovation means you’re a part of a diverse team with many values to guide our continued growth and success.

We value boldness and humility.

Boldness generates new solutions to emerging and age-old problems. Humility ensures we respect and learn from previous efforts and listen to all stakeholders when designing solutions.

We value creativity and process.

Although some may see creativity as anathema to process, we recognize that disciplined processes allow and are necessary for creativity. Effective design management supports a culture of creativity and innovation in learning.

We value risk taking and tradition.

Universities are at their best when they balance the creation of new ideas, technologies, and forms of expression with the protection of cultural heritage and knowledge. In designing elegant solutions to problems in higher education, we see value in taking thoughtful risks in order to question the present and position for the future while honoring our past.

We value personalization and scale.

One-on-one models of education are highly effective, but have, historically, not been scaleable. We aim to create effective tools, pedagogies, and learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of each learner regardless of the scale of the effort

We value openness.

As part of a public research university, we prioritize serving our local, state, and global communities rather than our own interests. When given the choice, our work products will be fully available for other organizations and individuals to learn from, reuse, and remix.

Working for the University of Michigan also means a competitive benefits package including a variety of health and wellness programs.

Why Should You Live Here?

“Ann Arbor is many things, including a bustling university town, culinary hotspot, and a tech hub with a walkable downtown that includes world-class arts and culture…Ann Arbor lies at the center of a greater collection of communities in Washtenaw County. With so many thriving communities nearby, Ann Arbor has become a cultural melting pot and urban oasis.”


At the Center for Academic Innovation, we believe your growth makes our team stronger and our mission achievable. That is why we provide dedicated time for professional development, opportunities to work across domains, and funding to deepen your knowledge and expand your skills.

The University of Michigan recognizes that people are our most important resource for sustaining excellent teaching, research and service. To enhance the ability of staff members to contribute to their departments and to provide career satisfaction for productive employees, the University is committed to supporting ongoing staff development for any staff member. Staff development is defined as growth in an individual’s knowledge, skill, and personal effectiveness.

A University goal is for all staff members to make the maximum contribution to their departments, while having opportunities to develop their talents, to acquire and use new skills, and thus to achieve greater career effectiveness and satisfaction. Career development opportunities include mentoring as well as informal and formal training.

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