Copyright Resources & Guides

Since its creation the Center for Academic Innovation (AI) has been tackling issues around copyright and online learning.Over the years, we’ve developed a series of resources that help answer some of the most common questions and problems. If you’re looking for more general information about copyright, we recommend the U-M Library Copyright Office’s research guides.

All Rights Reserved vs. Creative Commons

This guide goes over the pros and cons of applying a Creative Commons license to your work, with a focus on licensing course materials.

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Finding Usable Materials

This guide can help you find content you can easily use, remix, and share without worrying about copyright restrictions.

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Guidelines for Providing Readings in Online Learning Experiences

This chart provides an overview of when and how you can provide readings to learners, depending on whether they’re in a credit bearing online course or an open online course.

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How To: Attributions

This guide goes over the best practices for attributing Creative Commons licensed works.

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How To: Flip Your Course Content to Open

This guide goes over how you can switch your course content out to content that is licensed openly or doesn’t have any copyright restrictions.

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