Trainings & Workshops

Request a Training

The copyright specialists at AI and the Library Copyright Office are available to give copyright workshops on any topic to your group or class. The length of the workshop varies depending on the content, but we’re happy to work with you to customize workshops in order to meet your needs and interests. You can email us with any workshop or training requests.

Previous workshop requests have covered topics like:

  • Copyright considerations for online degree programs
  • Copyright and authorship for students completing dissertations
  • How to license and enforce your copyrights

Upcoming Workshops & Slides

AI and the Library Copyright Office have a workshop series every semester. Each workshop series includes some general copyright workshops as well as some deeper dives into specifics. You can register for any of our workshops on TeachTech.

Our workshops aren’t recorded so both the presenter and the audience can speak freely. The slides cover all content not in the Q&A portion of the workshop.