AIM Data Showcase 2021: A Month of Data Visualization, Conversation, and Inspiration

Editor’s Note: The 2021 AIM Data Showcase is postponed until further notice to ensure we can provide a wide range of immersive, informational and enriching content. Below is the original post detailing the intentions of the upcoming AIM Data Showcase and highlight videos from 2019.

Cait Hayward, Associate Director for Research & Development

Last year at this time, we were putting the finishing touches on the plan for the Academic Innovation at Michigan Data Showcase, our annual event traditionally held Feb. 14 to discuss the opportunities and challenges present in educational data. This is one of my favorite events of the year because it brings together so many different perspectives and conversations about how the choices we make around data (from design, to storage, to access) impact all of us who engage in this work.

It is also a great opportunity to learn. From hearing University of Michigan students talk about their perceptions of learning analytics, to hearing about the campus data decisions that led to the creation of Atlas, to what data we have available to study the experience and efficacy of our degree portfolios, I always learn new things.

This year, as with so many things, the Data Showcase is going to look a little different. But while many things were put on hold in 2020, there has been so much progress and good work, and I don’t want to miss out on us celebrating that.

Rather than a live-streamed event, we’re going to lean into the remoteness and share async content throughout the month of February. We’ll feature work that’s happening across the Center for Academic Innovation, new opportunities to engage with data at U-M, and updates from beyond the bounds of our campus. We’ll even check back in with some of our speakers from the past two years. So while there won’t be tightly packed chairs, a candy buffet or the opportunity to run into long-missed colleagues, there will still be lots of love for data.

We hope you’ll check back to on Feb. 1 to join us in the conversation.

Can’t wait and want to think more about educational data right now? Have we got the videos for you!

AIM Data Showcase 2019

Educational Data at U-M: What Are We Missing? (Panel)

AIM Data Showcase 2020

Analytics as Humble Measurement: Examples and Implications (Andy Krumm, PhD)

A Tale of Two MOOCs: What We Learned When One Course Was Hosted on Two Platforms (Yuanru Tan, MBA, & Rebecca Quintana, PhD)

Using Rich Analytics to Inform Course Redesign (Heather Rypkema, PhD)

Changing Demographics in the U.S. and What it Means for Higher Education (Steve Lonn, PhD)

Supporting Teams in Cooperative Learning Settings (Trevion Henderson)

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