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“Digital education at the University of Michigan is various things. First and foremost it’s how we use technology to enhance the teaching that we do on campus; how we use online learning to make it possible to do even more engaged learning…to reach out around the world and provide some of what we know and some of what we can share to people who otherwise would have no access to the kind of teaching we do here in Ann Arbor.” – Martha Pollack, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

“We partner with faculty and academic units across our 19 colleges and schools. We’re helping to prototype, to design new programs, new courses, new use of tools and technology. We’re providing feedback, helping with the iterative design process to bring new ideas to our student community. We’re working with data to make sure we’re evaluating all of these experiences to learn from them and focus on transforming the residential experience at U-M.” – James DeVaney, Associate Vice Provost for Digital Education & Innovation

Through our work with faculty, administrators, faculty and students at U-M, we’re often asked about what all is included when we refer to digital education at U-M. Our partners are curious about what exploration and experimentation is currently under way, as well as what we see as the future for digital education and innovation. We asked Martha Pollack and James DeVaney to share their answers to these questions, including their vision and goals for digital education and innovation at U-M, what sets U-M apart and what opportunities are currently being explored as U-M approaches its third century.

  • What is digital education at U-M?
  • What is different about Michigan in its third century?
  • How does digital education support engaged education?
  • What inspires innovation at U-M?
  • How does the Office of Digital Education & Innovation partner across campus?
  • Tell us about MOOCs
  • Why is Michigan in a position to lead?

Hear insights from Martha Pollack and James DeVaney:

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