Dr. Chuck Inspires Programming Educator of the Future

Adam Levick, Market Research and Analytics Analyst

A 15 year old high school student has recently decided to take on a new role this summer: teaching an introductory programming class to her peers. This particular class will help those peers learn how to program in Python on a Raspberry Pi computer. Inspired by Chuck Severance’s Programming for Everybody (Python), a free, massive, online course, Emma decided she wanted to pass on the knowledge she gained to those like her:

“Because I learned so much from the course on Coursera, I wanted to share that with more kids and more students like me… I wanted to help them learn more about programming.”

Emma plans on teaching the class in the last week of July, and anticipates that class’s size to be approximately 5-7 students. With all content under a Creative Commons license, Dr. Chuck has made his course easily remixable and sharable by any student.

Nick, Emma’s father, also had some advice for students interested in taking Dr. Chuck’s course:

“Many folks remark the course gets harder after a bit… I would say stay in there, that’s when the learning happens.”

Dr. Chuck learned about Emma’s plan at office hours in Ann Arbor MI. But Dr. Chuck doesn’t just offer office hours on campus. He has recorded them all over the world, including Italy, Slovenia, and the Philipines just to name a few. Engaging with students and offering them a course that they can “Use, Re-use, and Re-mix” is a primary part of his mission. He wishes the best for Emma in her pursuit to bring programming education to those around her.

[av_video src=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXrDopq8pVw’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′]

To learn more about the course and/or enroll: Programming for Everybody (Python)

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