Giving Blueday

The Digital Education & Innovation Team


This Tuesday we are excited to participate in the second annual Giving Blueday, a university-wide event that provides the opportunity for anyone to show their support for the University of Michigan. Giving Blueday coincides with Giving Tuesday, the national movement to kick off the giving season. As a participant in this university-wide endeavor we are launching online giving to further the resources for exploring and redefining higher education.

Through this effort, we hope to increase opportunities for faculty, students, and staff to experiment with digital learning and learning analytics to redefine public residential education at a 21st century research university. DEI initiatives are designed to unlock and enable personalized, engaged, and lifelong learning opportunities for the U-M community and learners around the world. We are deeply committed to positioning U-M for the future by harnessing digital learning and learning analytics to redefine residential education, create inclusive learning environments, and personalize education at scale.

By participating in Giving Blueday we hope to increase funding for more opportunities as we continue to advance a vision of equitable and advanced education by harnessing the power of 19 schools on campus while leveraging data analytics and innovative technology to scale up the educational experience through flipped classrooms, enabling faculty experimentation and continuing to pioneer digital education by developing MOOCs that have reached over 3.7 million global learners since 2012.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to learn more from students about the impact DEI has had on their educational experiences, as well as hear from members of the DEI team. Here are some of the many ways DEI is helping to shape the future of learning at U-M:

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We are inspired on a daily basis to provide high quality learning experiences for residential learners, extend high quality content and learning experiences to a diverse community of global learners while continuously experimenting on ways to remove barriers and challenge assumptions about teaching and learning. For Giving Blueday, we are committing 24 hours as a time to raise support and awareness for the continued innovation and exploration that position the University to provide a truly differentiated educational experience for pre-college, residential, and global lifelong learners. We encourage everyone to join us in our continued endeavors to explore, test, and innovate as we continue to redefine higher education. Join DEI in making an impact: DEI Online Giving



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