Infographic: Growth and Adoption of ECoach Across the University of Michigan

Amy Homkes-Hayes, Lead Innovation Advocate

ECoach is a digital platform that was originally developed by a research team led by Professor Timothy McKay, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education, to create a tailored communication system for introductory large-scale courses at the University of Michigan. Currently implemented in courses such as statistics, chemistry, economics and biology, ECoach provides personalized and timely feedback to students on how to succeed. ECoach content is informed by behavioral science techniques such as motivational affirmation and multiple data streams, including input submitted by students themselves. This digital tool helps learners navigate big (and sometimes overwhelming classes) by providing tailored communication, insights into their progress and ways to approach common obstacles. By making information more transparent and personalized to each student the hope is to increase student motivation and engagement with the course. In the past few years, this electronic personal coaching platform has grown immensely and its use continues to expand.

Since ECoach’s inception, the personal coaching platform has grown to support more than 24,000 students at the University of Michigan and continues to grow with potential future uses in admissions, student orientation, student life and career counseling. Total number of U-M students who have used ECoach: 24,136. A bar graph with four data points describing the number of U-M students using ECoach: 2,055 in 2015, 8,953 in 2016, 19,313 in 2017, 24,136 in Winter 2018. 44 unique U-M instructors are using or have used ECoach. Types of courses using ECoach: Statistics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Physics, Applied Liberal Arts, Economics. Percent of current enrolled undergraduates who have used ECoach at some point in their academic careers is 56%.Student testimonial. "I think ECoach is directly responsible for my success in the course…Probably the hardest part of traversing from high school to college was knowing what to do and when, and ECoach really set that up for you. It’s really helped and I feel like as a student who uses it over students who don’t, I definitely had an advantage." - ECoach Student. Academic Innovation logo.

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