Infographic: Innovation Impact at the University of Michigan and Beyond

Eric Joyce, Brand/Product Analyst Senior

Anna Konson, Graphic Designer

Since 2012, the University of Michigan has scaled access to rich learning experiences through massive open online courses, course series, and Teach-Outs in more than 190 countries around the world. This global reach expands upon the university’s public purpose while also providing personalized pathways for lifelong learning. Through partnerships within, and outside of, the U-M community, the Office of Academic Innovation is building upon this diverse library of online learning experiences and is enriching the learning process for residential students at U-M (and beyond) through an expanding portfolio of digital educational technology tools.

An illustrated infographic titled “Innovation Impact at the University of Michigan and Beyond” including the following data points: 7 Million enrollments in 159 online learning experiences. 160+ faculty contributing to 112 total initiatives. 148 University of Michigan and community collaborators in the Teach-Out series. Digital tools section: 260+ faculty innovators and adopters. 42,000+ unique student users. 90+ educational institutions adopting digital tools. 85% of current University of Michigan undergraduate students have used at least one digital tool. Michigan Online section: Engagement by the University of Michigan community: 8,400+ Michigan Online accounts. 2,900+ course enrollments. 600+ course completions. The end of the infographic reads: Innovate with us: The University of Michigan Office of Academic Innovation logo is displayed below.

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