Leadership Insights from Coach John Beilein

The DEI Team

John Beilein at the DEI Lab“You don’t just amass talent. You have to build a team.” This is just one of the many insights shared by Coach John Beilein during his interview with Professor Scott DeRue for the Leading People & Teams Specialization.

Coach Beilein recently sat down for an interview with Professor Scott DeRue at the DEI Lab to discuss insights, challenges and highlights about leading from his experiences as a head coach for the Michigan Wolverines, as well as leading previous teams. His experience has taught him the importance of aligning individual and team goals while developing talent through strong leadership in order to build and sustain cohesive teams throughout seasons. His lessons and vignettes are primarily featured throughout the Leading Teams course, illustrating leadership theories presented by Professors DeRue and Sytch through Coach Beilein’s experiences.

We were very excited to film this interview at the DEI Lab and look forward to sharing these valuable lessons from such a renowned leader as part of a series of digital courses designed for global reach and impact. Experiments such as this one help the University of Michigan to make its resources available to the broadest possible range of learners around the world. This course and Specialization present yet another example of how innovators are going beyond traditional areas of academic excellence to make resources from the University available to global learners, thereby advancing equitable and advanced education for all as we aim to provide high quality personalization at scale.

The Leading People and Teams Specialization includes four courses and a capstone which together provide an engaging and practical approach to developing leadership skills. Each segment builds upon the previous, enabling the thousands of global learners enrolled in the course to develop a strategic approach to leadership.

The Leading People and Teams Specialization and the Leading Teams course, which includes insights from Coach Beilein, are now open. To learn more about the course and/or to enroll: Leading Teams course.

Read more on Coach Beilein’s interview and leadership insights here: Coach John Beilein Shares Leadership Insights in New Online Course

Additionally, Ed Kengerski of Michigan Sports Television highlights the collaboration between the Ross School of Business and U-M Athletics in this video.  

Check out behind-the-scenes images below from interviews with Coach Beilein and Professor Scott DeRue and follow the conversation with #RossLeader.

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