Michigan Online Climate Change Collection Lets You Explore Science Communication, Climate as a Public Health Issue and More

Sean Corp, Content Strategist

This Earth Day, take some time to explore Michigan Online’s Climate Change Collection. The Collection features a curated portfolio of learning experiences that help learners understand the enormity of the challenge climate change presents as well as the underlying factors and social impacts of climate change and what individuals can do to enact change.

This is one of several Collections available on Michigan Online. The short-form educational content in Collections can range from short informational videos, articles to podcasts, Teach-Outs and courses. More than 250 pieces of content on a variety of important topics are currently available in Collections at Michigan Online.

Collections are the latest way learners can learn from top educators and experts inside and outside University of Michigan. More than 11 million global learners have enrolled in courses, series and and participated in online Teach-Outs available through Michigan Online.

While the interest in in-depth online courses, series, and degrees that take weeks or months to complete is still growing, the team at University of Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation has been working with experts inside and outside U-M to create valuable short-form content to deliver online education in a new way for a global audience.

The center works with experts inside and outside U-M to create these Collections and curate them into thematic playlists for users to explore. Learners can browse these playlists or explore all the individual pieces of content on their own — searching by content type and theme.

The Climate Change Collection features a wide range of educational content from experts ranging from the U-M School of Public Health, School for Environment and Sustainability, LSA, U-M librarians, as well as journalists, and more. Learners can explore two playlists featuring content from courses, Master Tracks, and Teach-Outs in two primary playlists

Playlists within the Collection include:

  • Primer on Climate Change
  • Looking to the Future

The Climate Change Collection features new short-form content made exclusively for the Collection as well as highlighting content from several courses and Teach-Outs including:

To explore the wide range of Climate Change content available, visit the Collection page. You can also find collections on entrepreneurship, personal finance, racism and anti-racism in America, effective communication, COVID-19 and more.

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