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Michigan Online Courses for Students to Consider as Fall Semester Approaches

Parnia Mazhar, Communications Student Fellow

Traditional in-person instruction shifted, and both instructors and students were forced to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. This shift left students, instructors, employees and employers more comfortable and better-equipped for online instruction and knowledge-seeking.

University of Michigan students can use online educational opportunities to help learn new skills, supplement the coming semester of in-person and online instruction and prepare for the coming job market as they look for their first jobs after graduation.

Michigan Online contains more than 200 learning experiences and is available free to University of Michigan students, faculty, staff and alumni. Through the Coursera for Campus initiative, U-M students, faculty and staff also have free access to the entire Coursera catalog of more than 4,000 unique learning experiences.  For students, it is a place to take courses, participate in Teach-Outs, and earn degrees all from the comfort of their own homes. During these unprecedented times, Michigan Online is a great resource for students to improve their understanding of certain topics or to learn a new subject entirely. We have compiled a list of 16 U-M online learning experiences current and prospective college students can take to prepare themselves for school and the workforce. Anyone can explore the entire catalog for themselves and find the courses best suited for their needs.

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Pre-College Learners

Incoming college students are entering the college system during unconventional times. To ease some of this uncertainty, we are offering plenty of resources that will prepare them for their college career amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. These six learning experiences will help learners gain a deeper understanding of the path they hope to pursue at school and how they can impact the world in the future.

  1. Problem Solving Using Computational Thinking is an introduction to computational thinking and is created for anyone who has just started programming, is interested in programming, or simply wants a new method of thinking about problems critically.
  2. Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making helps you understand how to make important financial decisions and better your financial literacy in topics ranging from renting properties to taking out student loans.
  3. Model Thinking is a great course to expand your knowledge on models and develop a solid foundation for social science courses such as sociology, political science, economics, and business.
  4. Dentistry 101 gives you an inside look into the world of dentistry from the perspective of current practitioners. Learn about what it takes to become a dentist and about the dental school admissions process.
  5. Community Organizing for Social Change teaches you how to achieve social justice in diverse regions through community organizing, and it is especially relevant during these unprecedented times.
  6. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: Living for What Matters Most is a great resource for those trying to pursue a purposeful life. Hearing from historical figures and various individuals, you will learn about what is truly important in your life.
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Preparing for Fall 2022

Though traditional schooling for college students has taken a turn during COVID-19, the learning doesn’t have to stop! These six learning experiences provide college learners from all over the world with valuable resources, ranging from specialized academic topics to general advice during these trying times.

  1. Statistics with Python (STATS 250) will teach you how to use the Python programming language to gain in-depth knowledge about data, learn inferential statistical analysis, and learn how to fit statistical models to data.
  2. Good with Words: Writing and Editing is for anyone looking to improve their writing and editing skills, whether it be for the classroom or the workplace. All proceeds will be donated to the COVID-19 relief efforts of Ozone House, a shelter for homeless youth in Southeastern Michigan.
  3. Anatomy provides an in-depth look into human anatomy by discussing nine of the body’s organ systems.
  4. The Finite Element Method for Problems in Physics is an introduction to the finite element method and will teach you how to become a developer of finite element code.
  5. Thrive in Trying Times Teach-Out helps you understand how to succeed during difficult moments in your life and is especially relevant during the COVID-10 pandemic.
  6. Preparing for Graduate Study in the U.S.: A course for international students is a great resource for international students applying to graduate programs in the U.S. It provides opportunities for learners to develop their skills in the professional field and with the English language.

Entering the Workforce

Now more than ever is the time to learn how to land a job or internship you love and to get tips on how to thrive in the workplace. Check out these five learning experiences to learn how to achieve success and prepare yourself for the workforce during these unconventional times.

  1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills, one of the most popular MOOCs globally, will teach you how to improve your negotiation skills in four steps: prepare, negotiate, close, and perform and evaluate.
  2. Good with Words: Writing and Editing is also valuable for learners entering the workforce. Learn the skills you need to effectively get your message across through the written word.
  3. Leading People and Teams will help you understand how to lead people and teams in a successful manner from not only Michigan faculty but exceptional leaders in the business world.
  4. Making Successful Decisions through the Strategy, Law & Ethics Model using the three pillar model of strategy, law, and ethics, this course teaches you how to make effective business decisions by creating value and managing risk in a responsible way.
  5. Science of Success: What Researchers Know that You Should Know provides useful information on how to be successful in your career, get better results at work and school, and live a meaningful, happy, and healthy life.

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