Faculty Innovators in Leadership, Meaning and Purpose, Health Care Challenges to be Featured in Michigan Online Visionary Educators Series

Sean Corp, Content Strategist

A new event series will showcase University of Michigan faculty innovators who are moving U-M forward in the online education space. The series invites experts to discuss compelling issues with Michigan Online’s global learning community.

The Michigan Online Visionary Educators (MOVE) Series features presenters sharing insights, tools and discussions on issues relevant to the lives of everyday people around the world, including meaning and purpose, addressing urgent health care challenges, the benefits and challenges of learning through human dissection, and more. Each event will be available free online and feature an interactive Q&A. Many of the speakers may be familiar to learners as the faculty behind some of the most successful and innovative learning experiences available through Michigan Online.

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The Center for Academic Innovation is producing the series, which is set to feature a new innovator each month. The first event is scheduled for Feb. 19 from 2-3 p.m EST. and will feature Scott DeRue and Lindy Greer, both of the Ross School of Business.

DeRue, the Edward J. Frey Dean of Business and professor of management and organizations at Ross, and Greer, associate professor of management and organizations, will discuss what it will take to lead teams both now in this time of great technological and physical change, and what will be needed going forward.

“Learning is a lifestyle for the more than 8 million people who have engaged with us through Michigan Online’s courses and content. The MOVE Series provides opportunities for continuous learning and connection with leading experts across fields for U-M’s growing global learning community,” said James DeVaney, associate vice provost for academic innovation and founding executive director of the Center for Academic Innovation.

The events will be free and recordings will be made available on Michigan Online. Registration is required and additional details and registration information will be available as events are scheduled throughout the year.


Scott DeRue
Scott DeRue
Lindy Greer
Lindy Greer

Title: Leadership 2.0: Leading High-Performing Teams and Organizations in an Era of Change
Faculty Innovators: Scott DeRue, Lindy Greer, Stephen M Ross School of Business.
Date & Time: Feb. 19, 2-3 p.m.
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The skills required to successfully lead high-performing teams are rapidly evolving. Leaders are increasingly required to lead agile and adaptive teams, remote collaboration, and diverse workforces. In this virtual fireside chat, Professors Scott DeRue and Lindy Greer will discuss their research and teaching on these topics, including looking around the corner to the newest trends in leadership research and practice.


Faculty from the U-M Medical School and School of Public Health will discuss the creation of learning health systems and how they help medical professionals respond to urgent health challenges. Learning Healthy Systems take the constant flow of data and analytics and harness it to transform medical knowledge and deliver system-level innovations. Faculty innovators include Professor Chuck Friedman and Associate Professors Caren Stalburg and Gretchen Piatt of the U-M Medical School.


Colleen Van Lent, lecturer in School of Information, will host an event detailing introductory programming and web design concepts. Van Lent teaches some of the most popular courses available in Michigan Online. Her courses include Introduction to HTML5, Interactivity with JavaScript, Introduction to CSS3, Advanced Styling with Responsive Design and the Web Design for Everybody Capstone course.


May will feature Meaning and Purpose in Life: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?, an event focused on why meaning and purpose are central to personal success and overall well-being. It will team two faculty innovators in an enlightening discussion — Vic Strecher, whose Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life, has enrolled more than 100,000 learners since launch in April 2020, and Paula Caproni, who teaches The Science of Success: What Researchers Know that You Should Know. It will feature research, practical examples and a discussion of their own experiences.

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June will spotlight the future of teaching and innovative ways to use technology especially in a world radically changed by remote learning. The event will feature a discussion between Rebecca Quintana, learning experience design lead for the center and lecturer in the School of Education, and Don Peurach, professor in the School of Education. Quintana developed the Resilient Teaching Through Times of Crisis and Change detailing how educators can design courses so they can be adapted to fluctuating conditions and potential disruptions. Peurach, a professor of educational policy, leadership and innovation in the School of Education, has launched several popular online courses focused on education including Leading Ambitious Teaching and Learning, Improvement in Science Education, and Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement.

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July will feature Teaching with the Dead, which will explore the power of learning through dissection — and how the real, tactile, in-person study through dissection cannot be replaced through technological tools and advancements. A team of anatomical science lecturers from the U-M Medical School, Kathleen Alsup, Glenn Fox and Kelli Sullivan, will discuss the unique challenges for both students and teachers alike.

The team has developed the Anatomy specialization of courses that include Gastrointestinal Reproductive and Endocrine Systems, Human Neuroanatomy, Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems, and Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Urinary Systems.

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