Opportunities for Students to Set Themselves Apart at Academic Innovation

Marissa Reid, Student Program Coordinator

Trevor Parnell, Events and Marketing Specialist

The student fellowship program at Academic Innovation is unique and offers students an opportunity to set themselves apart with the skills they’ve acquired while working alongside and learning from our talented staff.

In what areas could students contribute to Academic Innovation?

  • Behavioral ScienceAI student and AI staff member
  • Data Science
  • Design Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Media Design/Production
  • Online Learning Experiences
  • Public Engagement
  • Software Development
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • User Experience

Our office collaborates with faculty and student innovators to transform learning at the University of Michigan (U-M) and beyond. We build web applications to personalize classroom learning experiences, design online courses to prepare students for success now and in the future, collect and analyze data from these experiences to help students and the campus community make more informed choices, and much more!

Student fellows have contributed to a number Academic Innovation initiatives including Academic Reporting Tools (ART), ECoach, GradeCraft, Michigan Online, Problem Roulette, Tandem, Sage, and ViewPoint, to name a few.

What’s different about the Academic Innovation fellowship experience?

  • Cross-functional experience with freedom to make decisions.
  • Mentorship from former Academic Innovation fellows and current staff.
  • Resources for career development and opportunities for students to showcase their work
  • First-hand experience in a professional office setting

Dana Demsy, Graphic Design Fellow from 2016-2017, had this to say about her experience with our office: “Academic Innovation allowed me to gain real-world experience while developing confidence in my own design knowledge, right on campus. I went into the Academic Innovation fellowship as a STAMPS art student and left as a confident designer ready to take on my next design-adventure.”

What opportunities are available to students in the near future?

Listed below are all of the open student positions that are currently open or will become available for the summer term.

Winter term:

  • Content Marketing Fellow – Use your creativity to share information via videos, infographics, illustrations, audio, and more by browsing our database of online learning experiences (online courses, Teach-Outs, etc.), software tools (ECoach, ART 2.0, etc.), and other initiatives to identify new content opportunities.
  • Design Management Fellow: Teach-Outs – Assist the Design Manager for Teach-Outs in managing the scoping, design, and development of Teach-Outs to deliver high-quality online learning experiences with an emphasis on public engagement, conversation, and actionable outcomes.
  • Graphic Design Fellow– Create effective and engaging graphic design elements for a variety of Academic Innovation marketing and communications efforts. You’ll work on projects such as social media asset design, digital advertising design, print handout/collateral design, and other efforts to support the mission and activities of the Office of Academic Innovation.
  • Media Technology & Special Projects Fellow – Work closely with the Technology and Media Research Lead, the Media Design team, and other Academic Innovation teams to maintain, organize, track, and assist with research surrounding media tools and technology. In addition, you will assist with various media design projects, with a particular focus on audio mixing and mastering, and videography and editing.
  • Public Engagement Fellow– Facilitate experimentation at the intersection of public engagement and innovation by pursuing different projects related to research, benchmarking, and evaluation.
  • Software Development Fellow– Implement designs and create and test software across the development stack (from database to server-side code to front-end user interfaces).
  • Writing Fellow Excite our audiences and share stories about some of our growing library of online learning experiences (online courses, Teach-Outs, etc.), software tools (ECoach, ART 2.0, etc.) as well as the success of our teams in the Office of Academic Innovation.

Summer term:

  • Behavioral Science FellowApply behavioral science principles and communication strategies to intervention design and writing messages for students.
  • Data Science Fellow– Help Academic Innovation analyze and draw inference from user behavior to complement our research capabilities and ultimately improve the learning experiences we produce.
  • Software Development Fellow– Implement designs and create and test software across the development stack (from database to server-side code to front-end user interfaces).
  • User Experience Design FellowImprove the usability of existing AI tools and designing the experience of new products. You’ll have the opportunity to conduct user research and assist with UI design, rapid prototyping, and web-based tool development.

Join our team and innovate with us!

If you are interested in any of the fellowships listed above and would like apply, visit ai.umich.edu/students.

Feel free to contact Marissa Reid, Student Program Coordinator, at reidma@umich.edu with any questions.

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