Practicing Contracts with Praktio: Academic Innovators Series

Onawa Gardiner, Marketing Specialist

As a part of our Academic Innovators video series, Michael Bloom, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law (Transactional Lab and Clinic, U-M Law School) shared his inspiration for developing Praktio in partnership with DEI.

Praktio is an interactive training platform that builds users’ abilities to work with contracts in their academic, professional and personal pursuits. The core of Praktio is its interactive nature, which connects learners directly to subject material through real-world scenarios that generate immediate feedback, helping users learn to effectively work with contracts.

“There are so many people who in their day to day lives interact with contracts and draft contracts…here’s a space to learn what these things mean and learn the basic skills to do this,” said Professor Bloom regarding the necessity for creating an online resource for practicing contract skills. “You are more prepared for the live client higher stake environment…then, ideally, you are making fewer mistakes when you go into the real world environment.”

Praktio leverages adaptive learning to identify learners’ areas of weakness and then reinforces lessons with interactions that address the individual learner’s needs. In addition to being tested within the U-M Law School, the tool is being tested at some of the biggest law firms in the U.S. and Japan and has received both positive receptions and feedback. Praktio is able to provide personalized, tailored experiences that enable engaged learning for users in a digital format.

The digital learning tool currently covers basic contract work that is focused on a series of interactive exercises. “The nice thing about software is that it can be adaptive, and as you make mistakes it learns about what your pain points are and then it reinforces with additional exercises for your particular needs,” said Professor Bloom.

The Praktio platform can be accessed as a stand alone training option or as part of an integrated teaching environment in classrooms and beyond. To learn more about Professor Bloom’s work with Praktio and as an Academic Innovator, watch the Academic Innovators video:

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