Voices From Ukraine Featured in Teach-Out ‘Russia-Ukraine War: One Year Later’

U-M experts, Ukrainian citizens discuss how the war has impacted life and business in Ukraine; live panel discussion set for March 16

Sean Corp, Content Strategist

A Teach-Out from the Center for Academic Innovation examines the war between Russia and Ukraine one year in, including voices from academics, aid organization leaders, and Ukrainians impacted by the war. The center will also host a live panel discussion during which people can submit questions to some speakers featured in the Teach-Out. 

The “Russia-Ukraine War: One Year Later Teach-Out,” available now, is an online educational event that features voices from diverse disciplines and experiences and will allow learners to reexamine the past year’s events. Policy experts and Ukrainian citizens will discuss how the war has impacted global policy, various economic and social institutions and everyday life in the country. Learners will also learn how to help support those affected by the war.

Featured experts in the Teach-Out who will also be at a March 16 live online panel discussion include Javed Ali, an associate professor of practice in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy with expertise on international policy and diplomacy, and security issues; Alina Drach, a teacher and lifelong resident of Ukraine, and Roman Oleksenko, a reservist in the Ukrainian Armed Forces who is also volunteering to support humanitarian missions in Ukraine and works in Peace Corps Ukraine. Ali previously worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

The live event, “Russia-Ukraine War: Voices from Ukraine Live Q&A Panel,” will feature the three guests answering previously submitted questions from learners who take part in the Teach-Out and questions submitted live from online viewers of the panel. Registration is now open for the free virtual event.

Additional experts featured in the Teach-Out include John Ciorciari, professor and associate dean for research and policy engagement, Ford School; Sam Ashley, who is launching a venture capital investment fund in Ukraine; Matthew D. Pauly, associate professor in the Department of History at Michigan State University; and Pauline Jones, professor of political science at U-M. 

Learners will also hear from Ukranians directly impacted by the war and native Ukrainians, including Liz Shchepetylnykova, an expert in higher education policy who has consulted with the Ukrainian government; Natalia, who co-founded the British-Ukrainian Aid to support humanitarian work in Ukraine; Oleksandra “Sasha” Samborska, a former international exchange student who had to relocate to Poland; Iryna, an interpreter currently working from Turkey; Alina Fionik, who joined the volunteer military in Ukraine on the second day of the war; and Vadym, a software engineer who was forced to flee Ukraine with his family and is currently living in Germany.

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