Supporting the fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak through online education

Thomas A. Finholt, Dean, School of Information, University of Michigan
Jeff Maggioncalda, Chief Executive Officer of Coursera

Coursera, the University of Michigan School of Information, and the Center for Academic Innovation are responding to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak by offering students in China three of our most-popular data science Specializations essentially free for students in that country.

UMSI has had a longstanding relationship with students, faculty and institutions in China. A substantial number of Chinese students choose to learn with the school as part of its residential degrees.  Some UMSI faculty received education or degrees in China, and some conduct research there. So when we heard about the challenges faced by scholars and collaborators in China, we knew we wanted to do something to express our concern and lend a hand.

After discussing it, Coursera and UMSI have decided the most valuable thing we can offer is the ability to continue learning, even when international travel might be limited. We chose three of our most-popular Specializations, and we’re offering them for the next six months for $1 a month* to students from China. Having a small charge associated with the account allows for verification of the certificate when the Specialization is completed.

The three Specializations are Python for Everybody, the most popular Specialization on Coursera; Python 3 Programming; and Applied Data Science with Python. Each includes all the features of the paid version of the Specializations, including UMSI faculty instructors and final certifications.

There are no additional charges, fees, or other costs involved for Chinese students. We wanted to make a valuable contribution to our scholarly colleagues from China during this difficult time. Learners in China can simply visit each Specialization page to enroll with the updated pricing.

*If you are not seeing the $1 a month price, Coursera’s systems may estimate that you are not accessing Coursera from China. This could happen, for example, if your device is using an IP address that is from another region. Be sure to check your connection when you sign up. If you continue to have complications, please visit Learners may also apply for Financial Aid from the course home page.


密西根大学信息学院院长Thomas A. Finholt

Coursera首席执行官Jeff Maggioncalda



密西根大学信息学院(简称:UMSI) 与中国的大学、师生保持着长期紧密的联系。众多中国学生就读于此,不少教职员工拥有中国教育背景,还有不少在中国进行研究。所以,当我们听闻中国学者和同伴们所面临的挑战时,我们想伸出援手,表达我们的关切。


这三个专项包括Coursera上最受欢迎的专项课-Python入门(Python for Everybody),以及Python 3编程(Python 3 Programming)和Python应用数据科学( Applied Data Science with Python)。每个专项课都包含付费版的所有功能以及结业证书。


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