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Your Summer Learning List with Michigan Online

Eric Joyce, Brand/Product Analyst Senior

The temperatures are quickly rising this summer and so is your chance to heat up your career or pursue a passion with a growing library of online learning experiences through Michigan Online.

Created by University of Michigan faculty and instructional teams (including students and staff), these open courses are an opportunity to continue your learning journey. Whether you’re looking to gain new skills to enhance your job or internship this summer, want to get ahead in preparation for this fall, or explore a lifelong interest, we invite you to explore Michigan Online to find what’s right for you.

Not sure where to start?

We recommend taking a look at these options to get started.

*Don’t forget! All students, alumni, faculty, and staff for the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses can earn a verified certificate for free when completing any of these courses.

Learn Something New in a Single Course

Data Science Ethics
Data scientists or anyone beginning to use, or expand their use of, data will benefit from this look at the ethical and privacy implications of collecting and managing big data.


Injury Prevention for Children & Teens
Health care professionals, educators, child care providers, parents, and more play a vital role in pediatric injury prevention. Increase your understanding of this major public health issue. This course also qualifies for Continuing Medical education (CME) credits.


Leading for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education
Current and emerging leaders can learn how to become transformational leaders in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion at their institution.


Making Successful Decisions through the Strategy, Law & Ethics Model
Improve your decision-making abilities in your personal and professional life by following a model focusing on the pillars of strategy, law, and ethics.


Mindware: Critical Thinking for the Information Age
See how basic concepts from statistics, probability, cognitive psychology, and more can be applied to everyday judgments and choices.


Model Thinking
Prepare for advanced courses in the social sciences and start thinking differently with this starter kit of models.


Programación para todos (empezando con Python)
Test your Spanish skills and learn the Python programming language in this newly translated version of the popular “Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)” course.


The Science of Success: What Researchers Know that You Should Know
Learn what most successful people do differently from others and improve success in your personal and professional life.


Storytelling for Social Change
See how building empathy and developing characters can offer multiple perspectives on complex problems.


Take a Deeper Dive with these Course Series

Better understand the features of different organ systems in relation to the human body’s form and function in this four-course series.


Applied Data Science with Python
Gain an advanced understanding of data science through popular Python toolkits in this five-course series. A basic understanding of the Python programming language is recommended.


Foundational Finance for Strategic Decision Making
Apply the theory and practice of financial decision-making in this four-course series. This series is ideal for anyone seeking to advance or pursue a career in business or is preparing to enter a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program.


Python for Everybody
Jon the tens of thousands who have learned fundamental programming concepts in this five-course series.


Statistics with Python
Learn the beginning and intermediate concepts of statistical analysis using the Python programming language in this three-course series. This series prepares learners for foundational statistics courses in a residential setting.


User Experience Research and Design
Gain hands-on experience taking a product from an initial concept to a polished user experience by understanding user needs in six-course series.


Join a Conversation in a Teach-Out

Arts and Technology Teach-Out (July)
Join us on Instagram for this look at the intersection of art and technology. The conversation is taking place throughout the month of July at


Free Speech on Campus (August)
Join the conversation this August in this look at the role free speech plays on university campuses and how this shapes the broader narrative about free speech protection across the United States.


These are only a few recommendations from our vast library of more than 150 learning experiences on Michigan Online. Browse our full catalog and join us in a learning adventure this summer!


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