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Innovation Insights: A Keynote with Nelson C. Baker

Creating the Lifetime College: Georgia Tech’s Journey in Progress & Service

Date & Time

January 29, 2024, 1:00 PM - January 29, 2024, 2:00 PM


Center for Academic Innovation – 317 Maynard Street

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What does it take for higher education to truly support lifelong learning? Nelson C. Baker, inaugural interim dean of lifetime learning at Georgia Institute of Technology, will share his experiences in the evolving field of lifetime learning, and what it takes to offer accessible, affordable, achievable education for learners at any stage in life.

More than 250,000 individual learners turned to Georgia Tech in 2023, taking online and professional education programs to sharpen their skills, acquire new knowledge, and earn high-demand credentials to advance, or prepare, their careers. Georgia Tech, a top-10 public university located in Midtown Atlanta, became a national leader in offering extremely affordable, high quality online master’s programs that have less than $10,000 tuition for the entire program. Now, Georgia Tech is becoming a national leader again, in launching a college of lifetime learning. Dean Baker will discuss the evolution of lifetime learning, Georgia Tech’s journey in learning innovation, and what the future may hold.

Discussion and questions are encouraged.

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About Nelson C. Baker

Nelson C. Baker, Ph.D., is the inaugural interim dean of the Lifetime Learning Division and professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As dean, Dr. Baker leads a multifaceted enterprise that interacts with Georgia Tech faculty to create and deploy Georgia Tech's research, educational programs, activities and services for the on-going learning needs for both individuals and employer workforce demands throughout a lifetime. This new division, formed in 2023 under Dr. Baker’s leadership, touches more than 250,000 K-12 teachers, students and working professionals last year from nearly half the world’s countries, providing them new knowledge and skills for tomorrow’s world. Prior to this role, Dr. Baker served as the dean of professional education for the last decade.